Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My Latest Adventure: My First Book Club Meeting as the "Read" Author

Today I visited Belle Reve Senior Living Center in Milford, Pennsylvania to drop off a box of books for their book club. A few weeks ago they invited me to speak to the club and ordered books. They took out this advertisement and it was published in two local magazines.

It all came about when I saw an ad in the paper for an Alz event they were presenting. On a lark I called and told them about my book. I offered a copy and the marketing director accepted. She loved it and now this is happening. 

I am so excited to meet personally with a group that has read my book. These are not residents of Belle Reve or their family members; these readers are from the local community who come to the center to participate in the book club. 

So, as they say in the New York Lottery, "Hey, ya never know!"

I always advise my students and fellow authors to leave the shyness behind and ask for what you want, not easy, I know. The worst that can happen is you'll hear a "No." So what? Sometimes you get a "Yes!" and it's worth all the "No's" and then some.

This program will take place on November 6, at the end of National Memory Screening Week and the start of National Caregiver Appreciation Month. I am working with four other authors of Alzheimer's books to bring awareness to these two events. Stay tuned for valuable information, interviews, and special offers and follow #AlzAuthors. 

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