Monday, May 11, 2015

New Release! Franky A. Brown's Sweet & Funny Chick Lit "Pride and Butterflies"

Just in time for your summer reading! A new release by Clean Indie Reads author Franky A. Brown, author of Julia the Secret Keeper and Julia the Secret Blogger. Now we have Pride and Butterflies.

Caralyn Sharp has a demanding job and a love life that just walked out the door. She barely has time to be her best friend’s Maid of Honor. Right when she thinks things can’t get any worse, she brakes hard to avoid a turtle and is rear-ended by Alex Garrison. He’s a military officer with an attitude and the owner of the most amazing pair of blue eyes she’s ever encountered. As they continue to cross paths, she can’t decide what she wants more: to scream at him or stare into his dreamy eyes. 

About the Author

Franky Brown is from Sumter, South Carolina and has a degree in English Literature from the University of South Carolina. Writing has always been her passion and she loves to journal. She writes humorous, clean chick lit novels and also has a gluten-free recipe blog, "Julia and Me, Gluten-free". She currently lives in Alabama with her husband and son where she is at work on her next book. 

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New Release! Keely Brooke Keith's Uncharted Inheritance

You know the feeling you get when you're completely immersed in a book, caught up tight in the story, not wanting to put it down, and impatient to get back to it when you must? That's the feeling I got when I listened to the first two installments in Keely Brooke Keith's The Uncharted Series. The author kindly gifted me an audiobook version of both The Land Uncharted and Uncharted Redemption for an honest review. The series is a blend of romance, historical fiction, and science fiction written with surprising mastery by this talented new writer. Keely Brooke Keith is an author to watch. Read through to enter the giveaway for a complete ebook collection of The Uncharted Series. 

From the opening pages of The Land Uncharted, narrated by Kate Fisher, I was mesmerized by the story of this undiscovered land and its people locked in a time and way of life from the early part of the last century, and completely out of touch with the rest of the world. Fisher's reading, while slow at times, seems a good fit with the book's formal tone and the characters' old-fashioned speech, although at times it seemed robotic, almost as though Siri was reading the story.

Lydia Colburn is a young physician dedicated to serving her village in the Land. When injured fighter pilot Connor Bradshaw’s parachute carries him from the war engulfing the 2025 world to her hidden land, his presence threatens her plans, her family, and the survival of her preindustrial society. As Connor searches for a way to return to his squadron, his fascination with life in the Land makes him protective of Lydia and her peaceful homeland, and Lydia’s attraction to Connor stirs desires she never anticipated. Written like a historical, set like a sci-fi, and filled with romance, The Land Uncharted weaves adventure and love in this suspenseful story of a hidden land.

In Book Two,  Uncharted Redemption, read by Misty of Echoing Praise, the story continues with suspense, romance, drama, revenge, and redemption. The narrator's performance is engaging and believable, well-paced and natural. 

Description:  Breaking from the Land’s tradition, Levi Colburn begins to build his own house outside the village—across the road from Mandy Foster to be exact. Though he hopes to marry Mandy someday, she rejected him once and has been unattainable to every man in the village ever since. When rebels tear through Good Springs and abduct Mandy, it’s up to Levi to find her. Driven to avoid the hour of hollow discontent that routinely plagues her at sundown, Mandy Foster has made choices she regrets. If anyone found out her secret, tradition dictates she would be shunned. She’s learned how to guard her heart, until she accepts the tender care of the one man who truly loves her. But if she admits her love for him, her secret could be exposed. Romantic, suspenseful, and filled with adventure,  Uncharted Redemption weaves dramatic new layers into life in the Land. 

Now comes the third book in the series,  Uncharted Inheritance for release May 5Like the first two books, this too is written like a historical, set like a sci-fi, and filled with romance. Uncharted Inheritance concludes this suspenseful story of life in a hidden land. 

Description:  Bethany Colburn finally turns eighteen, and Everett Foster is about to confess his love for her. When a new man arrives in the village of Good Springs, he brings charm Bethany has never encountered and illness the Land has never known. While the medicinal power of the gray leaf tree is put to the test, and the Colburn family’s strength is stretched thin, Bethany must learn to protect her true inheritance. Uncharted Inheritance weaves heartbreak and hope while delivering long-awaited answers in this suspenseful story of life in a hidden land.

Uncharted Inheritance is also available as an audiobook.
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Keely is giving away one ebook copy of all 3 books in the Uncharted series. Enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

About the Author 

Born in St. Joseph, Missouri, Keely was a tree-climbing, baseball-loving ‘80s kid. She grew up in a family who frequently relocated. By graduation, Keely lived in 8 states and attended 14 schools. Keely’s many adventures include: being an exchange student, recording with a former Beatles producer, being chased through the New Mexico desert by a rattlesnake, jumping out of an airplane at 14,500 feet, and sleeping under the open sky in the Australian outback. Keely is a bass guitarist and plays on worship teams and for solo artists. She is married to singer/songwriter John Martin Keith, and they frequently perform and tour together. When she isn’t writing stories or playing bass, Keely enjoys dancing, having coffee with friends, and sifting through vintage books at antique stores. Keely resides on a hilltop south of Nashville with her husband and their daughter, Rachel.

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Cover Reveal! Angela Carling's The Secret Keeper

My guest today is Young Adult author Angela Carling, who asked me to be one of the first to reveal the cover of her next novel The Secret Keeper. Looks spooky, doesn't it? I'm a big fan of YA, so I'll be reading this one as soon as it comes out later this week. Sounds intriguing!

When seventeen year-old Winter Merrill was driven to make a bargain with the mysterious Secret Keeper, she knew there were rules.  The most important one: The next time you have a secret, you will not be able to tell it….even if you try. What she didn’t know is that her next secret, if not told, would destroy her life and the life of Liam, the only boy she ever loved. Can Winter find a way out of the dark bargain that binds her tongue or will her deal with the Secret Keeper bring devastating consequences unimaginable even to her?


About Angela

After years of denial, Angela finally admitted that she is, in fact, a hopeless romantic, which allowed her to let down her hair and write her first book,  Unbreakable Love. Her second book,  Shackled was released summer 2012 and has since been written into a screenplay and nominated for the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. When she is not writing YA novels, she is secretly using her family as Guinea pigs to test what she learned in college. Angela was raised in Palm Springs, California but now resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, three kids and five felines. She always eats the frosting on her cake and cookies but leaves the rest, and can be caught singing in public bathrooms just for the acoustics. 

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