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It's Midsummer! Time for the Clean Indie Reads Christmas in July eBook Sale & Giveaway July 21-28

Summer is upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere, and a few Clean Indie Reads authors are keeping cool by thinking of Christmas. Reads, that is. There's something sweet and sentimental about Christmas stories, don't you think? And in the heat of summer, reading about Christmas, winter, snow, ice, and sleigh rides might cool you off. So we're happy to present the 2018 Clean Indie Reads Christmas in July eBook Sale.

Starting today we're offering 21 titles in a variety of genres - novels, novelettes, short stories, Christian, historical, mystery, YA, and sweet and paranormal romance - sale-priced from FREE to 2.99. As always, all titles are "flinch free," meaning they're free of graphic sexuality and violence, and objectionable language. Stock up to read on your summer vacation, or save them for the holiday season. You'll definitely cool down with one (or two, or more!) of these reads. Sale ends July 28.

Note: please check all prices before clicking the "BUY" button. Each individual author is responsible for ensuring the correct sale price for her book(s).

Christmas at Blue Hydrangeas
By Marianne Sciucco
Novella; contemporary and women's fiction
(This book is not yet published.)

It’s Christmas Eve, and as Sara waits for her husband and son to arrive home to Blue Hydrangeas, their Cape Cod bed and breakfast, a blizzard threatens to close the bridges, leaving all Cape-bound travelers stranded. As she prepares for the holiday, unexpected visitors arrive, and Sara is determined the storm will not spoil Christmas, and that Santa will find his way to two fatherless children far from home. Prequel to Blue Hydrangeas, an Alzheimer's love story.

The River Girl's Christmas
By Angela Castillo
Christian Historical Fiction
Buy now for .99 ( reg. price 2.99)

Christmas on the Texas frontier can be exciting . . . maybe even dangerous.

The Little White Christmas Lie
By Kristy Tate
Holiday, sweet romance
Buy now for .99 (reg. price 2.99)

Neither Carson or Millie know that their lives are about to spin out of control thanks to a patch of black ice, a cow, and a little white Christmas lie.

Truth or Dare
By Julie Coulter Bellon
Contempoary Romance
Buy now for .99 (reg. price 2.99)

Wounded war veteran Jonah Harrison comes home for Christmas and ends up stranded with Kami Jackson, the girl who once knew him best. Kami has a wounded heart of her own, though, and it might take a miracle---or at least two matchmaking dogs---for them to find the healing they both long for and the courage to reach for a chance at love.

Baby Blue Christmas

By Kristy Tate
Holiday, sweet romance
Buy now for .99, (reg. price 2.99)

As Christmas nears, Sophie and Luke’s love for Baby Jamison draws them together, causing them to rethink their plans for the future and redefine their ideas family.

The Christmas Switch
By Laura L. Walker
Western Historical Romance
Buy now for .99 (reg. price .99)

The rancher takes a wife - When two school boys decide to switch places on a local schoolmarm and rancher, they don't plan on a severe winter storm stranding them during Christmas. But love and a new family might just be the best Christmas gift ever!

The More the Merrier
By Li Wen Ho
Download for free through 7/25, then .99 (reg. price .99)

Two best friends must convince everyone they're in love, an act which may (or may not) be easy to pull off, thanks to the magic of some mistletoe.

The Redemption of Evalisa Trooge: A Christmas Carol Story
By Lauren M. Flauding
Inspirational Romance
Download for free through 7/25, then .99 (reg. price .99)

Evalisa Trooge is the 33-year-old embittered and stingy owner of Victorian Village, a Christmas-themed park which she inherited from her parents. But on Christmas Eve, when she's on the verge of selling the park, she endures a long night of visits, memories, romantic revelations and bizarre events, and discovers the courage to save the park, find love, and change her life.

Christmas Morning
By Roma Brooks
Women's Fiction
Buy now for .99 (reg. price 2.99)

Feel good romance of second chances that will get you in the holiday spirit.

Christmas with the Franks
By Leena Clover
Cozy Mystery
Buy now for .99 (reg. price 2.99)

Christmas dinner turns deadly when the millionaire host is shot dead.

By Debra Erfert
Buy now for .99 (reg. price 2.99)

A woman crashes off a deserted highway during a Wyoming blizzard while driving to reach her dying mother. A handsome sheriff rescues her, leaving her trapped at his ranch for the week leading up to Christmas, along with his two young daughters, a protective mother-in-law, and a bitter memory of his dead wife. Can she protect her heart from falling in love with him?

Christmas at Dumpster Corral
By Irene Onorato
Holiday Romance
Buy now for .99 (reg. price 2.99)

When Noel Dupree’s estranged father undermines her recently-deceased mother’s will, he takes away her childhood home and the florist shop her mother left to her. An unforgettable Christmas experience ensues when fate steps in and leads her to an unlikely place, an uncertain destiny, and the love of a lifetime.

Red Boots
By Kate Willis
Contemporary, Short Story

A pair of shiny red boots bring unexpected Christmas joy to a shopkeeper and a little girl.

Ino's Love 
By Marianne Sciucco
Contemporary, Short Story
Download for free

Elderly Ino prepares a delicious Italian Christmas Eve feast for her successful CEO son, but when he's too busy to spend the holiday with his mother she shares her dinner and gifts with her home health aid. A heartwarming story about giving and forgiveness.

First Christmas
By Heather Karn
Paranormal Romance
Buy now for .99 (reg. price 2.99)

Life at the North Pole is never dull with Ice Dragon Shifters around, especially when Vixen meets her mate. He knows nothing about Christmas, so it's up to her to teach him all she knows.

Cookie Christmas
By Heather Karn
Paranormal Romance
Buy now for .99 (reg. price 2.99)

When Holly is asked to head up the new bakery in NYC, she's unsure about her ability to lead such a daunting project, at least not until she meets her handsome assistant. Can a group of bakery elves use their skills to spread Christmas Spirit, and a little romance, around the world in time for Christmas?

An All-Consuming Fire, book 5 The Monastery Murders
By Donna Fletcher Crow
Buy now for .99 (reg. price 2.99)

A Christmas wedding in a monastery—idyllic. If the bride can escape the murderer stalking the Yorkshire moors.

Glastonbury, the Novel of Christian England
By Donna Fletcher Crow
Free through 7/27 then .99 (reg. price 2.99)

Experience a Medieval Christmas in the midst of a 1500-year quest for the Holy Grail.

Where Love Restores, Where There is Love 4

By Donna Fletcher Crow
Historical Romance
Free through 7/27 then .99 (reg. price 2.99)

Can the delights of Christmas in an English stately home overcome the scars of the past? A true story of love and faith.

Misty Winter
By Linda Rawlins
Cozy Mystery
Buy now for .99 (reg. price 2.99)

The police search for Megan Stanford when the local veterinarian is shot right before Christmas.

Christmas Party: A Short Story (Avery Barks Cozy Dog Mysteries)
By Mary Hiker

Avery Barks is excited about the search and rescue team's annual Christmas party. The holiday event is packed full of friends and fun for both the SAR dogs and their humans. Everyone is having a ball... That is, until a stranger crashes the party in the most surprising way.

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