Blue Hydrangeas Book Club Discussion Questions

Blue Hydrangeas Discussion Questions

1.     Jack and Sara are members of “The Greatest Generation.” In what ways does this impact their relationship? How does this affect Jack’s commitment to care for Sara?

2.     Jack and Sara are financially well off. In what ways would this story be different if they were not?

3.     There are a number of voices in this story: Jack, David, Derek, Rose, Sara. How do these voices enhance the story? Are these additional voices unnecessary? Distracting?

4.     The seasons play a large part in the telling of the story. In which scenes do we see winter? Spring? Summer? Fall? How do these seasons impact the story?

5.     The blue hydrangeas have a major impact on the lives of Jack and Sara. Name all the ways these flowers have added to the richness of their lives.

6.     Sara seems to have forgotten the loss of her daughter. Is this a blessing?

7.     Jack’s pride and stubbornness often conflict with his ability to care for his wife. How does this affect the rest of the family? Do the others who care for Sara have a right to be part of the decision making regarding her care?

8.     The story is set on Cape Cod. Could this story be told anywhere else?


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