Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Latest Adventure - Guest Spot on "The Unexpected Caregiver" Radio Program

On Thursday, December 19 I discussed "Blue Hydrangeas" with caregiver expert and radio host Kari Berit on her program, "The Unexpected Caregiver," an upbeat radio program offering expert advice, knowledgeable guests, and a healthy dose of laughter to those unexpectedly caring for aging or debilitated parents.  Kari is a wonderful host and the author of the books The Unexpected Caregiver and Mental Fitness Guide.  You can listen in here.  Learn more about Kari Berit at

Sunday, December 15, 2013

In Time for the Holidays - "Ino's Love" Now on Kindle

One of my favorite holiday treats is to cozy up on the couch in my living room, by the Christmas tree, with my Christmas playlist streaming out of my Bose Sound Dock, reading a warm, uplifting Christmas story.  This year, I have my own Christmas story to share with my readers - "Ino's Love," a short tale of family, love, and forgiveness.  This story was originally published in Kaleidoscope magazine in Summer/Fall 2009.  It's available on Kindle for just 0.99, and will be free as my gift to you from December 28-January1. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Blue Hydrangeas Featured on Fussy Librarian

My novel, Blue Hydrangeas, an Alzheimer's love story, was recently featured on The Fussy Librarian, a new site that offers personalized ebook recommendations. You choose from 40 genres and indicate preferences about content and then the computers work their magic. It's pretty cool -- check it out!