Monday, September 22, 2014

Swim Season Cover Reveal!

I'm excited to finally reveal the cover for Swim Season! I chose to reveal it today because this is the first day of my daughter Allison's 2014 swim season at Mount Saint Mary College. This is an exciting time for our family. Allie has been swimming competitively since 2006 and swim practice and swim meets are a big part of our lives. She's my inspiration for this novel, and she's been helping out along the way explaining the fine details of swimming.  She also helped pick out the cover photo. The deeper I get into this story and my heroine Aerin the more I see how much the girl on the cover is "her." Much thanks goes out to cover artist Heather McCorkle for all her hard work. I'd love to hear your comments. Please send them to   

My latest word count is 60,488!  Last week I went on a  writing blitz and cranked out  over 2,000 words, finishing the scene at the football game. I also dug up more drama for Aerin and her teammates as "mean girl" Jordan's boyfriend is injured during the game, making Jordan meaner than usual.  This player's injury gives Aerin something to think about as she continues to downplay her abilities and competitiveness as a swimmer. The next big scene  is the dance, and I have a feeling that's  going to be fun to write.

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