Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dream of publishing your own book?

With today's technology and the internet you can do this yourself and share your work with friends, family, and readers all over the world. Join me on Tuesday, September 23 from 7 pm - 9 pm at SUNY Orange Middletown campus where I will share my Adventures in Publishing and show you how I published my first novel in print, digital, and audiobook. Topics I'll cover include: changes in the publishing industry over the last ten years, including electronic publishing; the trend toward independent publishing and its growing acceptance among readers; why authors might choose to go this route rather than seek traditional publishing, and the pros and cons of each; as well as the work involved in publishing and marketing your own book. This class will be of interest to anyone thinking about publishing a book, whether it's a novel, poetry, memoir, family history, cookbook, etc. To register please visit Adventures in Publishing.  Cost: $19. Note: this class will repeat on Tuesday, October 28 on the SUNY Orange Newburgh campus.

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