Monday, May 21, 2018

New Release Spotlight: Halcyon, YA Sci-Fi and Fantasy Fiction by Caroline Akervic and Ruth Rankin

It’s hard enough to always be the new girl at school for Hailey Schick. She’s managed to irritate the ruling clique and Trevor, the boy she sort of likes, is a total social outcast. 

Nothing is as it seems at University. Preston and Chelsea rule the school with an iron fist and are obsessed with stomping out all nonconformity. There is more going on here than the usual cutthroat high school games.

Eternally young sentinels from the parallel universe of Halcyon have infiltrated their school and plan to use it as a launching pad for a planned takeover of Earth. Hailey and Trevor may be all that stands between Earth and a takeover by the militaristic Juventus.

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About the Authors

Caroline Akervik (l) and Ruth Rankin (r) are sisters, friends, and coauthors. They share a love of good cheese and Young Adult Fiction. Both are Wisconsinites, though Ruth now calls California home. Caroline is the author of White Pine: My Year as a Lumberjack and a River Rat and A Horse Named Viking.

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