Monday, April 2, 2018

New Release Spotlight: Primordium by Mario Loomis

My guest today is Dr. Mario Loomis, whom I had the privilege to work with during my years as a hospital nurse and case manager. Dr. Loomis has written two young adult sci-fi novels, and I'm pleased to feature his latest release on my blog. Welcome to my adventures in publishing, Mario! 

If you’ve had trouble finding “clean reads” that were thrilling enough to hold your attention or your teenager’s, try Primordium, one of Dr. Loomis’s debut novels.

About the book

Seventeen-year-old Noah Bolton is having the time of his life. His job at the biotech giant, Pridapt Incorporated, has not only earned him a college scholarship and the admiration of his peers, it has also gained him the eye of Zoe Halpern, the most popular girl at school. But, behind the perks, Noah discovers a disturbing pattern of secrecy. There is a cover-up of side-effects from the company’s latest miracle drug, and hidden research in the restricted East Wing laboratory, where something monstrous crawls in the dark. Will Noah simply look the other way, or will he risk his status, his future, and even his life to bring the truth to light?

Readers Say

"Primordium is an easy yet intellectual read that I would highly recommend to readers of all ages. Every chapter left me hungry for more. The author's medical background is woven seamlessly into the story, making it a science-fiction in the truest sense of the phrase—where real concepts are explored and manipulated to create totally believable fantasies. Primordium threw me into a world that's familiar yet filled with fascinating things I've never seen before—from monsters to medical miracles." Rebecca

About the Author 

Surgeon, author, and homeschooling dad, Dr. Mario Loomis, has operated in third world missions, done brain and stem cell research, and cared for thousands of patients over the years. He is now writing science fiction novels to both entertain and intrigue the mind.

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