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New Release Spotlight & Giveaway: "Mice & Marriage" by Sophie Dawson

What do mice and marriage have in common? I don't know, but now I'm curious to read Sophie Dawson's new book, Mice and Marriage!

About the Book

Noelle Copeland has no intention of ever letting another man break her heart. She’s content to take care of her two boys and help her brother around the church. That is until a mouse sends her onto a table screaming like she’s being murdered, and a handsome, heroic man comes to her rescue. Now, she finds her heart longing for Turner Metcalf, but he’s keeping things from her. She wonders if she can trust him not only with her heart but her sons’ hearts as well.

Turner Metcalf is a man on a mission. He’s in town for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season for one reason only: to protect his sister and her new husband. He has a secret life he isn’t willing to give up. That is until he comes to the rescue of Noelle Copeland. Now, his heart is drawn to the one thing he never thought he could have: a future. He finds himself falling for the divorced mother of two and her sons.

Can he survive his secret mission long enough to let her know? Or will his frequent travel and hidden agenda end things before they really get started? Will he live through his mission and be able to consider a future with this ready-made family? What about Noelle’s ex-husband and his new girlfriend? Will they mess things up for Noelle and Turner? Can love find a way to overcome the doubts of a woman afraid of Mice and Marriage?

Love and marriage come to us inspired by many things. Who would have thought that mold, spots, and mice would bring love and marriage? Well, they have. The Love's Infestation Series continues with Mice and Marriage.

You can find the book on Amazon!

About the Author

Sophie Dawson has made up stories in her head all her life. It wasn’t until 2011 that she began writing typing them out.

Her first books were all historical fiction romance. They’ve won multiple awards and garnered rave reviews. Now, Sophie has branched out into contemporary romance though she plans to continue writing historical and hopes to add more books in her popular Cottonwood and Stones Creek series.

Sophie lives with her husband and very old cat on a farm in western Illinois. She’s an avid seamstress and was a professional quilter for a number of years before the writing bug bit. She’s just thankful it’s not fatal.

Author Interview

What inspires you to write in this genre?

Most of my novels are historical, set in post Civil War America. I thought it would be fun to branch out into contemporary. The idea of odd things inspiring love intrigued me. 

Any more books in the series? 

The Love’s Infestation Series has three books. Mold and Marriage, Spots Before Marriage, and Mice and Marriage. The tag line for the series is: Love and marriage come to us inspired by many things. Who would have thought that mold, spots, and mice would bring love and marriage? Well, they have: The Love's Infestation Series.

All the books have been well received and have mostly five star ratings. They are fun books that I think those who’ve read them will tell you they are fun reads.
(Shush, don’t tell. There’s a new multi-author series I’m part of coming in January. No details allowed yet. It’s still a secret.)

Tell us a little about yourself.

Sophie Dawson is my pen name. You can find me on Facebook under my real name of Susan Ewing. I live on a farm in western Illinois about seven miles from the Mississippi River. I’m Midwest born and raised. I have two grown sons, a daughter-in-law, and a granddaughter who is the light of my life. I’m sure every other grandparent identifies with that statement. I live with my husband and a very old cat. He’s 20. I love reading and sewing and am pretty much a techie. Oh, I’m a Trekkie, too. Voyager rules.

Are you eclectic? 

I’m pretty much an eclectic conglomeration of interests and accomplishments. When I told my husband I was writing my first novel his comment was, “Well that’s something you’ve never tried before.”

I’ve tried a number of things throughout my life. Before my first son was born I became a private pilot. Being a stay-at-home mom took up most of my time and I volunteered at my sons’ school as well as church. 

Being an avid seamstress, quilting caught my attention and I became a professional long-arm machine quilter. I was the treasurer of International Machine Quilters Association for a number of years. Several of my quilts won awards in various quilt competitions.

To celebrate this new release, Sophie is running a giveaway! You can enter over on her website. She's giving away three prizes:

1st prize: a signed copy of Mice and Marriage, a tote bag with the book cover on it, and a cute mouse.
2nd prize: an eBook copy of Mice and Marriage
3rd prize: an eBook copy of Mice and Marriage

Follow Sophie on her Blog Tour:

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