Wednesday, June 21, 2017

AlzAuthors Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month eBook Sale!

AlzAuthors was founded in 2016 by myself and three other daughters of dementia who met over the internet because of our books. We formed a friendship and a mission to create a space where caregivers can find solid support, and those who share their stories can find the proper audience. I'm proud of our work and how we've grown from a 30-day awareness mission in June of 2016, to a weekly blog showcasing books and blogs about Alz and related dementias, a bookstore, Facebook group, and active Twitter presence.
You may have heard that June is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month, and today, June 21st, is The Longest Day. Sponsored by the Alzheimer's Association, these important events increase awareness of Alzheimer's, related dementias, and brain health. In recognition of these events, AlzAuthors has put together our very first eBook sale!
Starting June 21 through June 28, you can take advantage of this excellent opportunity to check out some of our books at reduced prices, ranging from 2.99 to free. We offer a variety of genres, from fiction, memoir, and non-fiction. Many of our books are also available in paperback and audio, so check them out too.
Our books are written from a deep place of understanding, experience, knowledge, and love. May you find one - or two, or three! - to help guide you on your own dementia journey.

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