Monday, January 25, 2016

Cozy Up to Reading! Clean Indie Reads Mid-Winter Sale

Here's the sale!
Looks like our extended autumn is over as winter roared into the Hudson Valley this past weekend, dropping loads of snow and wreaking its normal havoc. We were lucky - less than three inches covered our lawn, but others in my area had more than a foot, and New York City almost broke a record at 26.8 inches. Travel on city streets was banned on Saturday into Sunday and people were urged to stay in. I have no problem with that: a snow day is a perfect day to stay in and read. 

To prepare for the next storm take a look at the titles in Clean Indie Reads Cozy Up to Reading mid-winter book sale. CIR is the home of "flinch-free fiction," which means free of offensive language, graphic violence or gore, and erotica or sexually explicit scenes. It is the best ever data base for clean books written by independent authors.

You'll find a variety of genres including children's, YA, historical, humor, inspirational, mystery, suspense, legal thrillers, paranormal, fantasy, science fiction and romance. Some are free, others are discounted. Sale ends January 30th.

This is a great way to use up that Amazon gift card or fill your new Kindle. Happy reading!

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