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New Release Spotlight:Three Western Novellas from Faith Blum's Hymns ofthe West Series

What could be better on a chilly evening than sitting in front of a fire with a good book in your hands? Yes, I know it’s still August and in most places in the US probably pretty warm, but sending the kids back to school means fall is coming. And with fall comes falling temperatures. So why not plan ahead for those chilly evenings? Today's guest is a young writer from a Midwestern farm who gives us stories from the Old West. Faith Blum is a fellow Clean Indie Reads author who has managed to write and publish several books in her Hymns of the West series in her short life. When I was her age self-publishing was not a respectable option and writers depended on the traditional publishing system to get their work out. Today, access to the tools of publishing and to readers allows authors of any age to publish and market their work. Faith's latest offerings are three wholesome, clean, entertaining, romantic, and historical novellas, the perfect length for a short read. Be sure to read to the end of this post to enter a fun giveaway and find out about her free book offer! 

Mom and Dad dead STOP Please come STOP Gage

When his sister dies, leaving him with four children ages 8 and under, Cole Baxter gets desperate. He decides he needs a wife. He writes to a mail order bride before realizing he almost threw away the best woman he could have.  (Approximately 18,000 words)
Free through August 28.

Let me at Thy throne of mercy/Find a sweet relief/Kneeling there in deep contrition/Help my unbelief

Timothy is at his wit's end. His twelve year old half-sister has run off five housekeepers in almost a year. Since their parents died, she has grown wilder than ever. What can he do? As he looks for a new housekeeper, his eye catches sight of a mail order bride advertisement. One young lady has a younger sister and sounds like a God-fearing woman. Could this be the answer to his dilemma or will Louise run her off, too?  (Approximately 18,000 words)

Mail Order bride seeks wealthy Western man. Write Mona Sommers, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Alexander Granger is tired of his father’s lectures and sermons. It’s time for payback. His plan is to pretend to marry a woman and scandalize his father when he finds out they aren’t really married. Will Mona accept his offer? Can Alex get away with his plan? (Approximately 14,000 words.)

About the Author

Faith Blum is a 24 year -old home school graduate who enjoys doing many right-brained activities such as reading, crafting, writing, and playing piano. Her favorite genre to read and write is Historical Fiction, more specifically, Westerns. In the Hymns of the West series, she has endeavored to create clean, fun, and challenging Western stories for the whole family.  She currently has three novels and one novella published or available for preorder.


First Prize:
The first prize winner will receive:
~A paperback of the novel that started the novellas, Amazing Grace (or novel of choice)
~One hand-painted bookmark (painted by the author’s sister)
~A silver pen nib bookmark
Second Prize:
The second prize winner will receive:
~An ebook copy of Amazing Grace (or ebook of choice by Faith Blum)


Also on sale during the blog tour are A Mighty Fortress, only 0.99 from August 23-30 and Be Thou My Vision, just 0.99 from August 30-September 6.


How much do you read? Which genres?
I usually read 100-150 books every year. Per week or month depends on what is happening. I’ve slowed down on my reading lately, but I’m also doing a lot of writing and editing. Books about writing, historical fiction, westerns, some contemporary fiction, and a little fantasy and science fiction are the genres I typically read.

How have the changes in present day publishing impacted your writing career?
Self-publishing is possible and fairly simple. If it were not, I probably wouldn’t be published. As much as I like writing, I don’t think I could handle being traditionally published.

What would you do if you couldn’t write anymore?
I hope that never happens. Probably try to play piano for people somewhere, somehow.

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