Monday, February 2, 2015

Fall in Love With Yourself with Living Passionately Author Maria Blon

Today’s guest is a special friend of mine, a fellow author and Swim Mom whom I have been privileged to know for several years as our daughters went to school and swam together. Maria Blon and I have watched one another pursue and realize our dreams to become authors and to make a difference in the lives of others. Living Passionately: 21 People Who Found Their Purpose - and How You Can Too! is her latest book, and a source of inspiration for those searching for their purpose in life.

Maria is an international public speaker, published author, and founder of SPARKS!, an organization that focuses on empowerment through motivational speaking, books and inspirational products. She began her professional life as a holistic math teacher at the college level, teaching students and future teachers to love mathematics through hands-on, interactive learning. Her life has transformed at a number of different times, most notably when she and her daughter volunteered in Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 2010. During this time, Maria helped launch The HEART School in Haiti, where she has trained teachers and is president of the board of directors. Welcome to Adventures in Publishing, Maria! Please tell us your inspiration for this book and how it can help those longing to find their life’s passion and purpose.

It’s a pleasure to speak to your readers, Marianne. Thank
you for inviting me to visit your blog. Too many people are suffering from a lack of hope and meaning in their lives. The 21 individual stories in Living Passionately will show readers how to overcome many life challenges in order to lead a happier, more fulfilled life. From a world known healer, to successful business people, to a person who struggles to feed her family, you will read a wide range of inspirational stories which will lift you and the world from the darkness of despair to the hope of living passionately! Preview the book on my website People LivingPassionately where you can click on the chapter titles that interest you to read an excerpt, watch a video, and learn more about each author and how they might inspire you to live passionately and find your purpose. I’m thrilled to be the coordinating author for this book. The official book launch will be on Saturday, February 7th, from 1:00pm to 4:00pm at the Orange County Choppers Cafe in Newburgh, NY, home of the nationally known Orange County Choppers. Several of the authors who have contributed to the book will be present to inspire participants to live passionately. Entertainment includes music. Food, drinks, bowling, and billiards will be available for purchase.

I was fortunate to be an early reader for Living Passionately. It is a powerful collection of stories from people of very different backgrounds and circumstances who have encountered adversity, and even tragedy, yet managed to emerge with positivity and a zest for living. One of the strongest messages within these stories is the teller's attitude toward giving, sharing, and helping in order to get more from life and to achieve his or her goals. Funny how that works. Each person featured has gone outside him or herself to discover their own inner strengths and to use these strengths to enhance and better others' lives while enriching their own. Living Passionately is a powerful book that will help its readers heal, grow, and thrive.

Living Passionately is available in print, e-book, and audio  on Amazon, and on Maria’s website People Living Passionately. Visit her website to receive three FREE gifts: 3 Mistakes to Avoid if You Want to Live a Passionate Life; LOVE Formula, and her Passion Quiz.

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