Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bublish Book Bubbles

I've discovered something new and fun for authors and readers: Bublish Book Bubbles.

Bublish created book bubbles.  Bublish  is a revolutionary social marketing platform that helps authors and publishers reach readers, build their brand, and track engagement. I met the Bublish folks at uPublishU, a self-publishing conference sponsored by BookExpo America, back in June. 

Book bubbles are excerpts from books published with author insights so readers can get a little peek into the author's head and what inspired her to write the scene, create the character, choose the setting, etc.  Authors can introduce readers to their work, talk about their writing, and share it throughout their social media.  Bublish also promotes the authors' posts and tweets on their social platforms.

Here's what my Bublish page looks like:

To view my complete profile and learn more about Bublish please visit this link.

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