Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blue Hydrangeas Wins IndieReCon's Best Indie Novel Award

There are a lot of book awards to be won, and as an indie author it's unlikely I'll win any of them.  The biggest and the best are off limits. No one knows my name.  I don't have the support of a big publishing house to push the nomination or pay the hefty entrance fees. So it is with great happiness that I announce "Blue Hydrangeas" has won IndieReCon's first ever Best Indie Novel Award.  The first thrill was in being nominated by a fan. And yes, once I knew I was in the running I did run a promotional campaign to spread the word, telling everyone in my social media world to vote for me.  So many people came to my support, casting votes, sharing the info and website with friends and family via email, Twitter, and Facebook. So many believe in this book, and take time to read it and write wonderful reviews, to contact me to let me know how much it means to them.  I am humbled by this experience.  I never thought I'd win a book award, and here it is.   Best part is the prize - a professional book cover design and professional e-book formatting for my next novel, "Swim Season."  It's funny -  I started on this journey alone, but over the last year I have met so many wonderful, talented people who have taught me so much, helped me when I needed it, and pushed me along.   What I've really learned is that indie doesn't mean alone.  Thanks to everyone who helped me get this far.  I look forward to the future of our journey. 

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