Sunday, July 21, 2013

50 Reasons Why My Debut Novel Sold 10,000 Copies

I wish I could say I am the author of that statement, but alas, not yet. 

It was so hot here in the Hudson Valley this weekend I spent a lot of time in the air conditioned indoors doing research on the Internet about book marketing and promotion, and came upon a number of very helpful and interesting web sites.  James W. Lewis' in-depth article "50 Reasons Why My Debut Novel Sold 10,000 Copies"  is chock-full of useful information.  He sent me a PDF of the article  which will help me to better organize my marketing efforts.  Trying to sell a novel is a lot like climbing a mountain - for me, Mount Everest! - but if you take one step and move one inch at time you can be successful.

I also stumbled upon Wise, Ink, hosted by two editors dedicated to helping indie authors navigate the world of publishing.  They offer a wealth of information on topics writers need to know, especially on twitter, something I'm trying to master.  They also offer editorial services.

Where Writers Win is another super site that helps authors market and sell their books and offers author website training, author-specific social media, professional media training, vetted book review directories, book club sourcing, and all the KEY areas you need to address as an emerging author.  I may join their Winners Circle.

As you can see, authors need to extend themselves in order to realize their goals, and building a network of helpful professionals who are willing to share their skills and talents - often for free  - is a must.  You can't be shy in this business! 

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